- Canine Massage and Small Animal Massage
What are the Benefits of Canine Massage and Small Animal Pet Massage?
Canine and small animal pet massage can have a huge impact on an animal's emotional and physical well-being.
In our work we have witnessed these benefits, enabling animals to recover from illness and injury more quickly and live happier, fuller lives. 
"We discuss the treatment plan for each patient and Kathleen plans accordingly.  She has a soothing personality and I have seen the animals respond very well to her treatments."
"She has treated pets that are post orthopedic surgery and needing rehabilitation as well as animals that are stressed due to life at the shelter.  She has helped many of our nervous cats and dogs as well as our elderly pets that need help with mobility." 
Kristina Hogg, DVM, CVA
Salem Animal Rescue League
Canine and small animal pet massage:
  • Releases muscle tightness and stiffness.
  • Improves the joint’s range of motion and flexibility.
  •  Can reduce arthritic pain as well as pain from hip dysplasia and other joint problems.
  •  Reduces muscle atrophy from inactivity or disuse.
  •  May reduce or eliminate adhesions, knots or other muscle restrictions.
  •  Can reduce excessive scar tissue.
  •  Can boost the immune system and reduces recovery time after surgery.
  •  Can decrease stress, anxiety and depression and to calm hyperactivity.
  •  Can stimulate the body both physically as well as mentally.
  •  Works to boost the performance of show and agility dogs at dog shows and contests. 
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